On my way to the Aloha Barcamp, June 6,7 in Vienna

Here is what I am proposing to talk about at the Aloha state of the art HTML5 editing barcamp.

The OERPUB editor: Aloha for Authoring Textbooks!
We are using a customized version of Aloha to create open textbooks and remix and share them. Several different organizations will use Aloha for authoring books and textbooks. It is being embedded at Connexions (cnx.org), the oerpub suite of tools (oerpub.org), Siyavula (siyavula.com), and in a lightweight ebook editor that uses github to store all versions (github-book) and more. We are customizing Aloha (forked here) to be really easy for textbook authors and educators to use. We are also making sure that it is easy to create accessible content, so we have customized image, table, and math plugins. In addition, we have special draggable semantic elements for common things in textbooks like exercises, examples, and notes. I will be demoing these customizations.


screen shot of the editor with sidebar toolbox, document page, and toolbar
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