Import your slides into a lesson on Connexions (at the end of the summer)

Google Summer of Code is almost underway and our project is lucky enough to have snagged a student as part of Connexions’ GSoC projects this summer. My earlier blog post describes the goals of the project:

  • Develop a web tool that will create a Connexions “module” that plays a set of slides and makes it easy to add an introduction and other simple content. It will be easy to save the slides to Slideshare or Google Docs as well as making it possible to download the source slides.  
  • Make it easier to share. Some really valuable, original material is locked in professors’ slides. If they were easy to share they would.
  • Make open textbooks easier to adopt. Open textbooks need ancillaries. This will make it easy to build a module per chapter with the accompanying slides. This in turn will help faculty adopt open resources.

The student who will be joining the project is Saket Choudhary, a 20 year old developer, a FOSS contributor/supporter and a Python & Ruby enthusiast. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies at Chemical Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. He will be starting the project in late May and working through the summer.

I am wondering whether it would be possible to provide a little quiz wizard with the slide tool also, inspired by TED-Ed’s tool for creating quick lessons out of YouTube videos. This TED-Ed example shows a video that has been embedded with some intro text and a little quiz. It looks a lot like what I was envisioning for a slide module, although the presentation would necessarily look a bit different given the Connexions format. I added a quiz section to the sample module I created in Connexions to get an idea what that might look like.

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