OERpeeps! Meet the contributors

All the people below have helped to contribute, in big or small ways, to OERPUB.


And the list with contributors goes on with:

  • Max Grossman – Max is a Rice senior that joined the project in January 2012. He started by fixing bugs and is now working on a testing framework for each of the document conversion pipelines.
  • Amber Callan – Amber is a Rice University student who is interning in 2013 with the User Interface team.
  • Ryan Stickney – Ryan did extensive testing of all aspects of the OERPub API.
  • Sebastian Thomas – Sebastian is a graduate student in Human Computer Interaction studies and did initial designs for the importer and user testing.
  • Johan Beyers – Johan developed the build system that we are using, helped with development of the first version of the uploader and often helps orient new developers.
  • Rijk Stofberg – Rijk works for Upfront Systems and implemented the current user interface for us (in a week!).
  • Chuck Bearden – Chuck is an XML guru and former Connexions employee who still contributes at sprints and occasionally on special projects. He did some sprint day XSLT fixes to allow authors to include fancier semantic features even while using Word/OpenOffice/GoogleDocs. (They were breaking the importer before the sprint). He also did some work creating unit tests.
  • Brian West – Brian is a developer on the OERPUB team working on editor plugins and on import and export transforms.
  • Esther Luk – Esther was a member of the User Interface team during the summer of 2012 when the team was first developing the model for manipulating educational features like examples and exercises within the documents.
  • Izak Burger – Izak works for Upfront Systems and has developed plugins for the editor including the table and image plugins.
  • Adam Hyde – Adam works with Sourcefabric and Booktype. He organized the sprint in 2012 in Berlin where the partners chose Aloha to base the editor on. Booktype is incorporating the editor in their upcoming version 2.
  • You – Collaborate with us!


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